Monday, February 26, 2007

1931 Homestead Greys are Number 1

The first impressionable thing about the '31 Greys is the roster itself.
Oscar Charleston ... Hall of Famer
Jud "Boojum" Wilson ... Hall of Famer
Smokey Joe Williams ... Hall of Famer
Willie Foster ... Hall of Famer
Josh Gibson ... Hall of Famer
Every single one of them, a Hall of Famer. Cumberland Posey knew he was going to have to spend if he wanted to get America on his side. With America deep into a Depression, the baseball market was filled with players to be bought or sold. Posey needed to keep up with Gus Greenlee who had also had some amazing talent on the Crawfords at the time.
"Playing an independent schedule, the Grays took on all opponents. They barnstormed against independent white teams, semipro black teams, coalminer teams, steelworker teams and Negro League teams. No team matched Posey's Greys.
Those men were playing for their livelihoods. Their play brought them greatness along with their paycheck." -

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