Thursday, February 08, 2007

ABC's named 4th Best in History

With the start off of this years Black History Month, MLB is naming the best Negro League Baseball teams in history. Ranking in at #4 is the 1916 Indianapolis ABCs. Rube Foster's Chicago American Giants dominated the Western Black Baseball Division from 1910-15, but the team met its definately met its match in the year, 1916. That was when the Indianapolis ABCs defeated the Giants in five games to win the division title. Indianapolis outscored Chicago, 33-15, in the series. It was a complete turn-around for the ABC's who lost to the Giants the year before. Managed by C.I. Taylor, Foster's equal during the era, the ABCs were 43-23-2 in 1916. They were said to be the most fundamentally sound team in baseball history. Instead of relying on the long ball, they preferred small ball to win games.

Ranking in at #5 would be the 1943 Homestead Grays.

More information coming on the top 5 teams.

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